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August 30, 2013

Stock Pick on Betfair – Another huge result for Stock Market Tipster

On 17th February, 2013 I gave a share tip or stock pick to buy Betfair on the London Stock Exchange at a price of £6.85.  Here is a link to the post:

Since then, the shares have only gone one way, albeit supported by a strong broader market and also a bid for the company.

The shares are presently trading at £9.94 and this Stock Market Tipster has decided it is time to take some profit off the table.

I am therefore recommending a closing share tip or stock pick of Sell Betfair at £9.94.

Here is a link to the share price and its graph if you want to have a look at how this stock market tip performed over the last 6 months.

For those of you too lazy to calculate the realised profit on this share tip, a move from £6.85 to £9.94 is a profit of 45%.




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